Third Party Software for ICOM Receivers

This space is being offered by ICOM America to third party software manufacturers who wish to promote their software.

Each company has provided their own advertising copy. If you have any comments or questions regarding any of the products listed below, contact the company offering the product. ICOM America does not offer customer support for any of the following products, and each company will explain how its product interfaces with ICOM radios.

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If you represent a company that manufacturers ICOM receiver software and would like to promote your software here, please call Ray Novak at 425-454-8155.


AirNav Systems

Have you ever imagined that you could track planes on your PC using your ICOM receiver? Check the AirNav Homepage and see how to do it.

Computer Aided Technologies

Computer Aided Technologies, the recognized leader in computer control software since 1989, is proud to introduce our newest product -- ScanCat Gold for Windows®.

ScanCat Gold for Windows® supports every ICOM radio that has CI-V capability. That's over 30 past and current ICOM models, from the IC-R71A to the IC-R10. Whether you're a HAM with the newest IC-706MKII or a SWL with a IC-R8500, our software will work for you! You can scan HF and VHF ICOM radios simultaneously. And since our software is modular it will never be out of date. As ICOM continues to deliver quality radios we will continue to support them.

ScanCat Gold for Windows® is the result of over seven years of research. It was Beta tested for over a year to assure you, the user, or a friendly and intuitive interface. A 124 page manual is included and live technical support without a long hold time is available from our staff on a daily basis.

ScanCat Gold for Windows® has so many features and supports so many radios from different manufacturers that there is just not enough space to explain it all here. We invite you to visit our Web site and see for yourself what ScanCat Gold for Windows® can do for you. While you're there be sure to download our fully operational (FREE) demo version and test drive it on your own system. After you do, we invite you to call us with questions, comments or to give us an order. Customer service is the bottom line at C.A.T. and your complete satisfaction with ScanCat Gold for Windows® is our ultimate goal!

Computer Aided Technologies
Phone (Questions): 1-318-687-2555 (9am - 2pm Central M-F)
Phone (TOLL FREE Order line): 1-888-SCANCAT (1-888-722-6228)
FAX: 1-318-686-0449

Delta Research

Delta Research, founded in the early 1980's, specializes in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) software and hardware tools for the professional user. To achieve optimum performance from your receiver, all of our DELTACOMM
Communication Manager software packages are individually developed for a specific model ICOM communication receiver. Some DELTACOMM features are:

Delta Research also has a custom software development team available for your company's specialized logging, monitoring and receiver control needs.

Check out our WEB site for details on the professional features DELTACOMM Communication Managers have to offer or contact us at:

Delta Research
P.O. Box 13677
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Fax/Phone (414) 353-4567




RadioMax provides fully automated control of most Icom radios (and tape recorders) allowing unattended scanning, logging, and spectrum analysis.

A few of the many features:

Download the free, functional evaluation version of RadioMax at to start controlling Icom radios now!

6105 SE Nowata Road #6
Bartlesville, OK 74006
Phone: 918-335-3318
Fax: 918-335-3328

PerCon database products

Scanner Master TrunkTrac®

Windows® SoftControl 2.5 scanning software

Supported ICOM Radios:

Software Features:

Click here to get a free demo ScannerWEAR

Radio Control Systems, Inc.
9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd. #25
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone: (858) 292-1561
Fax: (858) 292-6955

shoc Inc., R. Haenggi

World-Class Radio Monitoring Software, RadioDatabases, WAVECOM Decoder, Receiver, Antenna and Satellite-Equipment for Professionals and Monitors.

shoc RadioManager is a database and computer supported receiver, transceiver and decoder control program. It is based on many years of experience in this field. Scanning, automatic station identification, memory (channel) manager, spectrum and frequency display, decoder control and many other's applications are possible. Together with a receiver and decoder the shoc RadioManager offers you a very powerful listening and monitoring tool.

Software Features:

ICOM Driver

Receivers like PCR1000, R9000, R8500, R10, R7100, R7000 R72 R, R71

Transceivers like R781, 756, 765, 728, 729, 775, 737, 736, 738, 726, 706, 1275, 970, 820, 575, 475, and all other equipment with standard CI-V commands
Read and write alphanumerics to receivers like R8500

Check out our internet site for more details on the professional features of the shoc RadioManager and have a look at our professional utility database which is one of the most useful tools for the professionals. Download a free demo version and take advantage of our E-Mail delivery.

shoc Inc.
R.Haenggi, dipl .Ing HTL
Weiherhof 10
CH-8604 Volketswil
Phone: ++41-1-997 15 55 and ++41-79-421 50 37
FAX: ++41-1-997 15 56

Signal Intelligence

Signal Intelligence produces Scan*StarTM, the leading computer aided radio monitoring and analysis software for industry, business and government. Scan*Star is widely used in the wireless industry and government agencies such as the FCC for monitoring, measurement and recording purposes. Scan*Star is a comprehensive suite of software tools that allow radio receivers to be operated by a PC running Windows® 3.1 or 95.

Scan*Star supports the Icom IC-PCR1000, IC-R8500, IC-R7100, IC-R9000, IC-R7000 and IC-R10.

Signal Intelligence offers three versions of Scan*Star:

Scan*Star SE -- Entry level scanning, searching, spectrum analysis and data management for hobby and amateur use.

Scan*Star Plus -- Scanning, searching, spectrum analysis, band scope, monitoring assistant and data management for more advanced hobby and amateur use. Controls up to ten radios simultaneously. Optional Digital Audio Logger allows selected channels to be recorded to hard disk using a sound card. Includes all Scan*Star SE features.

Scan*Star Industrial -- Advanced package for commercial, industrial and government use. Includes all Scan*Star Plus features and adds Traffic Analyzer, Advanced Band Scope, Interference Correlator, Signal Data Recorder, Central Logging Facility and Digital Audio Logger. Optional GPS NMEA feature tags all recorded data with accurate position and time.

Visit our web site at for more information or to download a demonstration version.

Signal Intelligence
P.O. BOX 640891
San Jose CA 95164
TEL: 1-408-926-5630
FAX: 1-408-926-0303


VisualRadio, distributed in North America by Computer International, is a Windows based radio frequency and audio frequency spectrum analysis and control for most computer ready scanners and receivers/transceivers by ICOM. This software was developed by Liedtke GmbH.

Some special VisualRadio features:

Two more software programs also available from Computer International are RadioCom 3.5 DSP-filter-analyzer software, which will enable you to decode digital and analog signals out of any ICOM transceiver/receiver and improve sound readability quality, and RadioCom, which...well, you'll just have to link to find out.

Computer International
207 South US-27
St. Johns, MI 48879
TOLL FREE: 1-877-977-6918
TEL: 1-517-224-1791
FAX: 1-517-224-1791
WWW: Computer International

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