J.N. Corporation provides quality management consulting services to U.S. Government agencies, commercial businesses, and allied governments in the areas of integrated logistics support, primarily material and inventory management, and direct sales to allied governments. J.N. Corporation was founded in 1986. The company was formed by a coalition of management and technical experts in response to need for logistics and program management expertise for domestic and foreign military programs. J.N. Corporation develops new and innovative approaches to complex technological, economic, procedural, and programmatic problems.


J.N. Corporation's management philosophy is oriented towards serving our clients. This philosophy is two-fold: We endeavor to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our key personnel maintain high profiles with their customers so that we can be visible and responsive to the needs of our clients whenever our services are required.
Secondly, we believe in providing quality services and products that are accurate, complete, and provide the customer with exactly what was required.